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One s router review

In the second half of 2013, a rise of routing is silent all these years highlights not to be ignored in the network equipment market, a very successful one will be popularized the concept of intelligent routing, created not just a user’s attention, attracting over tens of millions of dollars invested, more collective tide to enter the router industry raises Internet giant. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

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On November 6, the road because of the Pangu Hotel Conference is sailed in and publish the very one s and two of the two newest router, while a shorter interval in issuing new products raises some questions, but there is no denying that both configurations can make up for one of the more mainstream short plate specifications.

Following the route after you publish the very one s and two, millet, Baidu, 360, shells, and many other Internet companies quickly followed suit, and have said they will launch its routers, but as of now, only really appeared millet router a few beta products. At the end of December, routing the engineering version of its new one s officially went on sale.

Very similar to one s looks and one was a minor upgrade version, for promotion on the basis of the configuration before it, 300Mbps wireless rates and also changes in the programme, but it is still fixed at 99 Yuan (SD card is not included). Recently, we have also routed this very one s prototype for evaluation, very interested in honey and friends can join us to learn about this product.

Packaging simple accessories without wire

One s work on the outer package and keep the same style of the former generations, small boxes fit simplicity combined with the introduction of simple wind, although it looks small, but this box does not thin, can generate sufficient protection to the host.

One s router review
One s router review
One s router review

Other than the host, in the box comes with a power adapter, power cord (universal Micro USB cord) and manuals, warranty cards, Parallels, but random and there is no network cable.

As always, compact dual-antenna design

One s router review

After opening the packaging, we can see that very one s still made of aluminum alloy shell, its designer said at a presentation ceremony is: high-end atmosphere on the grade. Machine start with little weight, but feel rather meticulous front bottom-right corner of the machine have also been distributing project “Commemorative Edition” lettering and Logo of HiWiFi.

One s router review

Design, very one s the difference between previous generations have not much changed, but from the fuselage behind the pair of antennas can be very significant to distinguish between the two. And one difference is very one s design of the antenna is not detachable and two 5dBi specifications, if you want to replace the power antenna to increase signal coverage becomes more difficult. But if this is really the wireless coverage valued, can also be considered the Conference over the launch of the polar satellite, ease of expansion and stability are also worthy of praise.

One s router review

Because of the abolition of the internal 8GB storage space, so there is one s to switch to 16MB local storage + extension of the way plug-in an external SD card, memory card slot locations on the right side of the fuselage.

One s router review

One s from the back we can see that total with 4 LAN port and 1 WAN port, and compared to the previous generation of an increase in the number of LAN ports, although mainstream users of little significance, but if multiple wired devices in the home, then such a raise or more considerate.

One s router review

Front of the display panel is located in the very one s, three blue LEDs look appears to have the sense of science and technology, if students led no love you can close it by mobile phone.

Overall volume and designs to see, one s compared with the previous generation is not much changes, but some small improvements are really sweet.

More mainstream hard configuration exclusive HiWiFi system

Although price no changes, but in configuration above very one s replaced has programme, used MT7620A programme, frequency upgrade to has 580MHz, memory also upgrade to has 128MB, most high-speed rate reached has 300Mbps, from hard configuration Shang see compared Qian generation does has has obviously of progress, although 300Mbps also only is currently common of low-end programme, but for most user still enough, more powerful of 11AC, and double frequency God horse of on left next more high-end some of very II to achieved has.

One s router review

In terms of system support, one s-exclusive HiWiFi system is still used to support APP installed to extend the functionality of products, players can also be achieved through mobile phone APP for remote control of the router, playability is worth a praise.

Intuitive configuration

As a smart router, one s still the same as previous generations have a nice configuration interface looks simple, hand-have little difficulty. And graphical interface also makes it can be when a problem occurs the first time to work out the problem.

Set s one step simpler, are routed through a or hiwifi.com can be direct access to backstage at the first setting is also automatically determines the user’s network, and follow the steps in turn, guide the user to the external network, WiFi is configured separately.

Diverse APP plug-in support

Cloud plugin and application of HiWiFi system in the core APP, click see all currently installed applications, we can see that compared to November, currently an increase in the number of APP, which automatically switch WiFi on fear of radiation network is certainly very considerate of users (there is still no confirmed that WiFi will have an impact on the body). Many in the APP, more practical includes screen advertising, a remote control.

If you need to use mobile phone remote control function, you need to register the account and routing its binding with the pole one s, of course, this is not a problem for honey.

Mobile remote application

HiWiFi mobile phone increases the physical speed of the new function, you can detect network security, speed, etc, with a specific report. But judging from author’s test, speed is less impressive at home. Health pattern includes WiFi time turn off the light switch and router Panel, are relatively small, intimate functions.

Through the mobile client, we can achieve the management links equipment, plugin installation, WiFi switch, WiFi through walls and other settings (Xian), (de) fine (Dan) (Teng) nothing can often toss out to the user.

One s transfer rate test Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Here for the very one s wireless transfer rate tests. During the test, we put one s to the top of PC, it connected to the PC via the local wired network card and test with a laptop through d-link DWA-182 wireless network card to connect to a wireless router as standard. Laptop and route, PC and between the distance of about three meters.

Wireless single-threaded average download rate is 55.488Mbps

 Wireless single-threaded average upload rate is 46.880Mbps

Wireless download rate for an average of 10 threads 84.774Mbps

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

 Wireless upload rate for an average of 10 threads 68.935Mbps

 Wireless average upload and download rate is 20 threads 81.729Mbps

Taken together, the very one s wireless transmission rates compared well, and compared with the specifications of the products belonging to the middle level.

One s coverage testing

Next we test your very one s’s signal coverage, the contrasts in our Office 5 test points. Including not only the gypsum wall partition offices also include load-bearing wall and column structure, in addition also covered more than more than 10 2.4GHz band in the Office area wireless hotspots interfere with each other. WirelessMon tested results following screenshot:

A point: router distance of 4 meters, only a desk stand, the signal intensity of 80%

 B: distance of 6 meters and the router, 1 plaster walls apart, the signal intensity of 75%

 C: the router a distance of 10 meters, 1 plaster walls apart, the signal intensity of 68%

 D: the router a distance of 12 meters, 2 plaster walls apart, the signal intensity of 56%

 E: the router a distance of 15 meters apart, 2 walls, 1 wall for bearing wall of cement, the signal intensity of 42%

F: the router away from 18 meters, separated by 3 walls, 1 wall for bearing wall of cement, the signal intensity of 31%

G-spot: the router from 21 meters, separated by 3 walls, 1 wall for bearing wall of cement, the signal intensity of 16%

From the coverage of the performance, dual 5dBi antennas one play better, although at close range and not too prominent figures, but in the distant signal quality remained good, compared to the previous generation product does have a certain amount of promotion.


As one successor, one s configuration has been significantly improved, and prices remain unchanged, value for money no doubt has been further improved. Compared with the price of other routers in the market, one s better playability and stability is certainly more attractive, although the route will channel is only limited to the network Mall, manufacturers of major dependence on traditional channels currently does not have a direct impact, but I believe that relying on reputation and development of Internet communication can still continuing impact on the market as a whole.

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