This is a no leakage of oil


If to in China type kitchen in the find a pieces most let people not satisfaction of appliances, oil pot may will is which have votes number top of a–because, usually of oil pot are has a problem, you pour oil of when, oil always can trying to secretly slipped out, paste in oil pot of surface Shang, and drops to Cabinet counter surface Shang…… Moschino S4

Ajay Choudhary try Designer brings no “leakage” oil pot, Su Fei really can give you refreshing … … Why be so badass? This oil pot of export, for oil set has two road barrier: first, is a root slender of out oil mouth, bottle in the of oil along this pipe out, itself on can reduced flow have everywhere are Yes risk; second, pipe around also package with a circle more rough of recycling mouth, pipe Shang of oil drops (even has words), can through this recycling mouth again into bottle, ensure bottle body daily are dry ~ Moschino Galaxy S4 Cases



Moschino S4



Intel SSD reliability as well as various aspects of the home was a benchmark, 530 series this year compared to the previous series in the overall quality will drop, but direct influence is finally cheap price down. Intel is one of the most trusted is the SSD master garbage collection and so on are all good. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

Intel 530 240GB again a record low price of $ 149.99, about 900 Yuan, price 1000 Yuan, compared with the domestic paper bag packed in around 1100, color box packed in around 1400 Yuan, the price advantage there is. As for warranty, Intel made it clear that IWS for five years, so don’t worry about it.

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Cook AirPods is no earphone does not come off easily

Apple sees wireless iPhone development is an important part of that is a big reason they gave up the headphone jack. As part of this future, Apple also introduced a new wireless headphone with AirPods. But no headphone cable tie, AirPods really as easily as users are worried about breaking off from the ears? VR Shinecon glasses

Cook: AirPods is no earphone does not come off easily

Because of the AirPods has not been officially released, the issue is hard to say, but the Cook obviously didn’t think so. In a recent United States morning news program good morning United States visit, Cook said it was because there was no cord, AirPods won’t fall off.

“I’ve been using for some time,” Cook said, “because they do not have headphone cable (don’t come off easily). Headphones are easy to shed, it is for headphone line will add weight to the earplug. Without headphone line, I personally have never met headphones fall off the problem. ”

virtual reality headset

Cook subsequently said that he will use AirPods in daily life, but there have been no headphones fall off the problem. Of course, as the head of Apple, AirPods even if it ever fell off his ears, I’m afraid he won’t admit it.

Leaving this aside, the lack of headphone line will make it easier for AirPods lost, especially considering they are so mini figure. Due to the price of this pair of headphones up to 1288, that will be another concern of the users.

Source: Tencent digital virtual reality headset

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

Warm up for a few months WeCoach, finally arrived in our test room, today I will be resolved for everyone, how WeCoach is to provide users with a gym more freedom, more money, real-time personalization solutions; how to make a talking personal smart trainer; how to build a muscle hunk.


Aircraft-grade aluminum metal molding, anodized surface diameter 42mm mm, thickness 8.4mm

Two long and two short, 4 LED lights display, Bluetooth 4.0, not support waterproof

Built-in 9-axis sensors, unmanned helicopter using the algorithm of attitude algorithm

Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

Built-in battery, officials said battery life 30 days (to exercise an hour a day as a benchmark)

Dumbbell special silicone ring, large magic arm band

Packaging and appearance

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

• The traditional square box. Material of the casing surface using a white, leatherette paper, not only feel pretty good, and is exclusive, and improved product quality.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

¡Ø front “WeCoach Shape yourself” message, is Carpenter technology LOGO at the top.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

▲ Back is a basic product and technology information.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

• Open the package you can see WeCoach, black body in white foil to support particularly conspicuous.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

• Withholding support, box second-level content is rich, except silicone dumbbell Micro-USB charging cable, adapters, magic arm band as well as phone support, activate pin, storage bag and brochure.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

▲ Micro-USB texture is very hard on both ends of the cord, I think the plastic material. Saying that the length is too short?

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

• Dumbbell adapter is placed at the top WeCoach.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

• Had a cylindrical gap at the lower end, either connect dumbbell arm is users “like” out of the WeCoach.

Personal smart trainer WeCoach motion Assistant evaluation

Placed effects

• Carpenter technology made many innovations in the armband, full size with Velcro, for more people.

• Two buckles at the right end, once again refreshed size range.

• Carpenter technology gave up the traditional hair on Velcro hard jaws, replaced by a row of small bumps, although no conventional adhesion, but bond can meet daily use and current style is fresh, clean, or paste hair.

▲ It is regrettable that, arm band in the details on a few minor problems, such as the distribution of threads, arm band size for skinny girls can have some long.

Effect of wear

¡Ø cell phone stand is a piece of aluminum, bracket with an evil smile. The disadvantage of mobile phone bracket is unable to support large-screen phone, due to the large screen phones (Basic 5-inch and above) after the bracket on the center of gravity, and the bracket itself is too small.

▲ On the activation PIN is mounted on a piece of cardboard, cardboard printed with geometric lines outline WeCoach profile shots, reveals a trace of sense of science and technology.

• Finally, grey storage bag, flannel material, it feels good. Positive the word WeCoach, however, after measurement, the words are easy to wear.

• Storage bag seal both ends of the rope to make the heating process.

WeCoach body

• WeCoach the whole body is black, slightly muted. Officials say is a Unibody one anodized aircraft-grade aluminum metal surfaces, but there is a sense of coolness to the touch and feels great. There are two long and two short of the 4 LED front light. All interactions on the fuselage is done by the 4 LED lights.

• Some products appear on, slightly smaller than the front on the back. Can clearly see from the back bottom part of the gap.

• Seen from the side, near the positive position there is a shiny metal ring, increasing the metallic finish of the product.

• Across the side arc. Side there is a activate the hole and reset button.

▲ Micro-USB charging port is placed in the side, the direct cause of this is also WeCoach not waterproof.

Effect of wear Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

Dumbbell picture (the picture from the Internet)

Upper arm worn effect


Software APP

WeCoach interaction itself only lights, even the vibration feature is ignored. In addition to viewing connection status and power, the exercise of all other functions are done in software.

• Scan the QR code on the manual to download APP now have iOS version, Android users need to wait for some time.

• Access to the software for the first time there is a bootstrap operation, helping users familiar with the APP. Paul Frank iPad Mini Case


• Register your account user-friendly workout data cloud, only register email and password does not support special characters. The software interface is predominantly white, and the login and registration pages are blue, somewhat incongruously.


• Software Home is a beginner exercise program, click on “START”, into the 5-second countdown, in this process, the APP automatically connects WeCoach. Worth noting is that when you connect must be rock WeCoach, WeCoach LED lights keep flashing blue state.


▲ Enter the exercises page, first speech the plan of the sport. Dynamic picture for each exercise program demonstrates, errors or irregularities occur during exercise, and software will keep your voice reminder, helps the user to correct the error.


▲ In the training page to view the current exercise, exercise schedule, voice broadcast, Bluetooth connection status, and for action details.


• WeCoach made a detailed description of each action. Anaerobic action must be standard or easy to pull and cause muscle strain. (WeCoach contains 18 kinds of actions in the actions library, here with a set of example only)


• Software also supports pause, click on the blank part of the page pause exercise. Pause page you can also view the current sports and following sports.

Worthy of praise is, for each action, and WeCoach have all been optimized, requirements specification, and this time, 9-axis sensors showed his formidable charm. Horizontal push, for example, range of motion is too small, path jitter amplitude, WeCoach flat, moves too fast, irregular movement, WeCoach does not count.


▲ 30 seconds after completing each action breaks also available click to shorten the rest periods. Every time I exit the APP interface, the software will automatically disconnect Bluetooth, power saving, I believe this is the key to WeCoach can guarantee 30-day battery life.


• After completing each exercise program, not only can you can view the analysis, but also share their “victory”.


▲ WeCoach built into beginner, intermediate, female, family, etc 11 kinds of exercise program.


▲ Also supports custom, manually add personal plans.

18 kinds of action built into the APP, click on every action, there will be animation, and text instructions.

▲ The history page to view weekly, monthly, annual exercise.

• In order to improve the accuracy of software recommendations, you can set your personal information.



Built-in 9-axis sensor, using unmanned helicopter using algorithm of attitude algorithm of measured precision.

Anodized surface, good weatherability, strong metallic.

Bluetooth 4.0, low power, smart connect/disconnect, more power.

Focus on anaerobic exercise, create personal fitness trainer.

Training process, voice prompt, timely correction of irregular movements.


Waterproof is not supported.

Exit software interfaces, probabilistic connection error occurs. (May also be caused by device jailbreak less stable, the real reason is unknown)

Remember step function is not supported, algorithm is too harsh, many irregular action WeCoach is not recognized.

Devices also stay on the dumbbell at the present stage, without equipment campaign in continuous improvement.

Large screen devices such as mobile phones, iPad can’t use the phone support.

Product details are not perfect, for example arm band thread.

Notch and the Moov, Zepp and similar products have told us that “personal trainer” development trend of next generation motion tracking products. But such products have different types of motion, although claimed to be a focus during the WeCoach raised in dumbbell exercise fitness intelligence products, but based on market feedback, WeCoach location for a private intelligence coach, squats, push-ups and other movements to join well illustrates this point. But industry specializing in surgery, WeCoach seems to be in other devices also have a lot of limitations, may be for a non-sports enthusiasts, the biggest regret is probably remember step function is not supported. WeCoach currently sells for $ 299 (fans) can be ordered directly on its website.

His posthumous iBoat exposure ship science fiction devices

His posthumous iBoat exposure: ship science fiction devices

Recently Spain El Pais exposure to Apple founder Steve Jobs’s last invention. The invention patent application was submitted in March 2013, when the patent is the name “wireless mobile remote monitoring equipment”, has now designed to control and monitor ships wireless mobile devices running iBoat has received United States Patent and Trademark Office certification. Simply put, this is a used to ship the iPad. Cath Kidston note 3 cases

Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

It was reported that iBoat is a mobile electronic device similar to the Smartphone through its touch screen operation can command and control ship of the operation. It is special, because of its very different at sea and land environments. IBoat is equipped with multiple sensors can collect environmental information such as depth of water and direction and speed, as well as real-time monitoring information about the ship, once a fault is found, it will abort the remote control. In addition, iBoat can also be based on the position of the Sun on the deck to remote control the rudder.

Therefore, iBoat technical nature is through the electronic control system of ship-a adapter interface for wireless communication. According to Steve’s vision, users in the future as long as a finger through advanced automation of navigation equipment iBoat intelligent systems control every room on a yacht or even control the yacht’s rudder.

Reports said it is not clear whether Apple’s current head cook iBoat commercialization will be included in the plan. But, want to experience the device such as Apple fans, as long as you have a luxury cruise liner. Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

Hai Tao Sennheiser CX880 recent low purchase price 51 47

# Hai Tao #Sennheiser CX880 ## ## recent low purchase price 47.

Sennheiser CX880 was popular and concerned a dynamic in-ear headphones. CX880 has excellent resolution and sense of space. Its tri-band and the quality is pretty good. CX880 parts list cable clamp, cleaning tools and leather bags also have conscience.

Sennheiser CX880 Amazon $ 51.47, although not to the lowest price, but also a good price. Compared to domestic cat Taobao shop is $ 799 price is cheap or warranty depends on your choice. Michael Kors iPhone case relogios Michael Kors

Spirit of good products should buy their own principles, starting with small series have two pair, one for personal use, other planned price cost price + shipping fees in the love machine shop for sale, the price is expected to be around 360 Yuan (published in Taobao price shall prevail), if there are interested in children’s shoes you can leave a message.

Michael Kors iPhone case

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Hai Tao new listing SONY NSZGU1 136 27

# Hai Tao ## new listing #SONY NSZGU1 6.27

Smart set-top boxes are hot this year, but has become popular abroad is the previously played TV stick. Sony also unveiled its first TV stick NSZGU1, with Google Chromecast function similarly, but the remote control has a new feature-bloat. VR Case VR case for iPhone

SONY NSZGU1 just went on sale, priced at $ 136.27, about 800 +, compared to intelligent set-top box at home a lot of expensive, but has a powerful remote control and brand Halo, Chromecast popular premise, this is still fun.

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